Monday, March 9, 2009


Written: 28-02-2009

I’m bleeding through the bandages
And she doesn’t seem to care
She says “you will be just fine, you just sit and wait right there”
So I’m sitting and I’m waiting
And I’m waiting here some more
Until I just can’t take it
And I make a run for it towards the door
The people all start shouting
And my friend takes up the chase
But I’m out the door and down the stairs
I’m running from this place
I’m bolting across the parking lot
And heading for a train
And I’m hearing him behind me
Calling out my name
I ignore his calls and keep right on
And I’m pumping my legs harder
But he catches up and grabs hold of me
And I can go no farther
He’s got a grip and not letting go
He’s strong for someone his size
I’m struggling but I can’t break free as the tears stream from my eyes
I collapse to the ground and hold on tight
As he tells me it’s ok
He says I’ll be fine
I just need some time
And I should just go back inside
So he stands up and reaches down and helps me to my feet
And I take hold
And follow on
As I finally admit defeat

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