Saturday, July 4, 2009

I Know The Truth. You're Pathetic.

I know why you did it.
And I know it's not the reason you've given someone else.
Because that reason, just doesn't make sense.
Not to me, or someone else that I've run it by.
Someone who knows both of us very well and knows about the whole situation from the word go.
I've also talked to the other person involved.
And they've shed some light on the matter too.
Told me things that you most probably didn't want me to, nor thought I ever would, find out.
They looked at a few of the different interactions between the three of us at different times, analysed certain reactions, certain remarks, made to certain comments and has come to a conclusion that we both agree on and find quite legitimate.
It's pathetic.
You are pathetic.
And to lie to cover it up?
Even more pathetic.
Your true colours are exposed.
And it won't be long before everybody else sees it too.
You may look sweet and innocent, but people will soon see you for who and what you are.
A jealous liar who cuts people out of her life when she doesn't get what she wants.