Sunday, January 18, 2009

when ...

nothing really matters
when your life is in tatters
when you're feeling cold and feeling lost
when you're feeling confused, wanting your heart to defrost
when you long for the warmth from the arms of another
when you want nothing more than the touch from a lover
when you ache to be held and told that you're something
that you are something special and not just a nothing
when you crave to be shown the love and affection
the kind that is linked to a meaningful sanction
when you want to move forward and progress with your life
and stop clinging to the past that just makes you cry
when you want to be happy and not such a wreck
where your head is a mess and your heart is oppressed
when you want someone to come and put the pieces together
and help pull you back from the end of your tether
to tell you you're worth it and not run you down
to help you to smile and pick you up off the ground
to hold you and tell you it will all be ok
that you can be strong, that they wont go away

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