Monday, January 12, 2009

someday soon

what would you do if i wasn't around.
if i just disappeared,
went underground.
how would you feel if i was no longer here.
if you could never again.
hold me near.
if you could never kiss me or hold my hand.
if i wasn't around to see you play in your band.
if you could no longer touch me,
or give me a call.
would any of this even affect you at all.
because it kills me to be at the place i am now,
when you're so far away, but so close somehow.
where i cannot kiss you or touch you at all.
where i cant hold you close or give you a call,
to come over and see me so we can lay side by side,
holding each other all through the night.
for you drove me away with your yes and your no.
i had no other choice, but to leave, to just go.
to leave you behind and break my own heart,
and hope that you realise we were not meant to part.
that someday soon you will call me and say,
that you're coming to get me to take me away.


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