Sunday, April 12, 2009

This Is Love ...

[1:56:42 PM] Beth: Only the best for Beth, with everything.
[1:56:52 PM] Beth: I'm picky
[1:57:05 PM] Bonnie: well i'm glad you picked me ...
[1:57:33 PM] Beth: Oh I no doubt have the best woman in the world!
[1:57:39 PM] Beth: no doubt baby!!
[1:57:53 PM] Bonnie: mmm ... i beg to differ sometimes ...
[1:58:15 PM] Beth: Are you gonna cheat on me?
[1:58:21 PM] Bonnie: no !
[1:58:23 PM] Beth: Are you gonna hurt me?
[1:58:31 PM] Bonnie: not on purpose ...
[1:59:07 PM] Beth: Are you gonna make me cry and not chase after me if we have a fight?
[1:59:40 PM] Bonnie: no ... well i hope i don't make you cry ! and if we fight and you run away, of course i'll chase after you !
[2:00:32 PM] Beth: Are you gonna leave me alone in the rain?
[2:01:06 PM] Bonnie: never !
if anything i'll sit in the rain for hours on end with you if i have to ...
[2:01:19 PM] Beth: Will you hold me every night? And stand beside me always??
[2:01:39 PM] Bonnie: always. always always always !
[2:01:47 PM] Beth: Will you kiss me passionately till the day we die?
[2:02:07 PM] Bonnie: i couldn't kiss you any other way ...
[2:02:14 PM] Beth: See baby...that's why I have the best.
[2:02:19 PM] Beth: You have my heart
[2:02:31 PM] Beth: You are the best if you have my heart

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