Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bonnie is Angry

i've read something.
something i probably shouldn't read.
something that has made me angry.
very angry.
and it's all i can do to hold back from saying anything to the particular person who wrote it.
maybe she'll read this.
i don't know.
i don't care.
but to whinge and bitch about feeling as if you will never be good enough for anyone, or good enough to ever be able to make someone happy and putting in mountains of effort only to be shot down in the end anyway, after you had something with someone who you were good enough for. that you did make them happy.  and the so-called "mountains of effort" you put in, were never ever shot down by them. to turn around and bitch and moan about all this, after all that. after what you did. what you said. how you treated them. is undeniably selfish, self-centered and down-right pathetic.
and to have the nerve to turn around to someone and get up them, bitch at them, for disliking you for what you did and holding it against you, telling them to get over it and saying that it's not their business ...
i'm sorry ... my friends are my business.
they hurt. i hurt.
and i will always have their back. whether they get over a situation and forgive far too easily, things that do not deserve forgiving.
but that's just my opinion.
which i am entitled to, as everybody else is entitled to their own.
and i am dead-set certain that i am not the only one, that feels this way.
you are a bad person.
you are a waste of space.
and you deserve everything you get.


  1. you can pick apart my words and you can say what you like about me, but do not assume that you know me.

  2. I do not assume that I know you.
    I know that i don't.
    I do however, know what you did, how you behaved and how you treated somebody that means so much to me that I would lay down my own life for.
    I know how much she cared about you, just as you did at the time when you took her for a ride and used her.
    I know how much you hurt her.
    So I may not know YOU, but I know what you are.